If you need proven performance, more comfort options and better design to maximize your uptime, the revolutionary lineup of Bobcat R-Series compact excavators demand a look.
Bobcat® E10 Compact Excavator
E10 Compact Excavator

With a retracted track width of 28 in., the ultra-compact Bobcat® E10 compact mini excavator accesses job-sites where exhausting hand labor is your only other option.

Bobcat® E20 Compact Excavator
E20 Compact Excavator

The Bobcat® E20 compact mini excavator delivers impressive performance in tight areas with minimal repositioning.

Bobcat® E26 Compact Excavator
E26 Compact Excavator

The Bobcat® E26 mini compact excavator  features minimal tail swing to reduce the risk of damage to your machine and surrounding objects.

Bobcat® E32 Compact Excavator
E32 Compact Excavator

Part of the R-Series, the Bobcat® E32 compact mini excavator packs powerful performance and maneuverability into a conventional tail swing design.

Bobcat® E35 Compact Excavator
E35 Compact Excavator

Part of the R-Series, the Bobcat® E35 compact mini excavator is a popular choice in the 3-ton size class.

Bobcat® E42 Compact Excavator
E42 Compact Excavator

The Bobcat® E42 compact mini excavator minimizes ground disturbance and excels at bulk excavation tasks.

Bobcat® E45 Compact Excavator
E45 Compact Excavator

The Bobcat® E45 compact mini excavator offers Zero Tail Swing (ZTS).

Bobcat® E50 Compact Excavator
E50 Compact Excavator

A standout in the 4-to-5-ton size class, the Bobcat® E50 compact mini excavator works in confined areas without sacrificing digging performance.

Bobcat® E55 Compact Excavator
E55 Compact Excavator

The Bobcat® E55 compact mini excavator  is a conventional tail swing model with exceptional performance, dig depth and dump height.

Bobcat® E63 Compact Excavator
E63 Compact Excavator

With best-in-class over-the-side lifting performance, the Bobcat® E63 compact excavator attacks your most difficult jobs.

Bobcat® E85 Compact Excavator
E85 Compact Excavator

As the largest excavator in the R-Series lineup, the conventional tail swing Bobcat® E85 excavator has class-leading digging capacity and depth.

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